Based in Munich, moods in pictures offers a 20-year experience in media production and design to the theme park market. The main focus is to support consultants and masterplanners with high-level design, creative input, comprehensive know-how and R&D during the whole process of attraction development and production - as well as producing all aspects of media content for the final show, - all with one target in mind : the emotion of the audience.

moods in pictures is highly specialised in creating media formats (linear program or interactive realtime content) - like 3D-stereoscopic/motion ride films and any kind of visual or audible projection e.g. 360+x degrees. cages, domes or multi matrixes.

Overall know-how in participating techniques (e.g. 4D-effects, ride techniques, light and architecture), paired with state-of-the-art media production and story sensitive artists is an unique strength of moods in pictures and enables their customers to provide high quality attractions in time and budget by addressing all aspects of successful entertainment.

GG: „We will not engineer a ride, plan media equipment or program a light show - even if we know aplenty about all these. But in order to produce a good show within a reasonable budget, You need a media crew with profound across-the-board knowledge and understanding of all show and storyline aspects, as well as sensorimotor-driven behaviours. If we produce a motion ride film, - we know how to avoid motion sickness AND how to „move“ people. If we produce a stereoscopic film, it will be comfortable to view - with mind-blowing outscreen-effects that really make sense in terms of the storyline!“

„At the end of the day - all that matters is the excitation of the audience. Make them leave in good mood and they will return.“