virtual perspective tracking
= short form VPT; developed by Gerd GŁgel in 2002/3;
1) technique to align the displayed perspective to the visitors point of view;
2) toolset for perspective (stereoscopic)tracking and alignment. stereoscopic compositing of real shot footage with CG elements

With virtual-perspective-tracking (VPT), moods in pictures is able to solve every projection task, no matter which surface is used to display onto. The main advantage of VPT is a correct perspective of a scenery in relation to the visitors point of view. This way the screen „disappears“ and acts like a real environment. With the addition of stereoscopics, the experience is mind-blowing.
VPT is a expanding tool set solving any projection task, 3D-Tracking and 3D-Display for linear and interactive applications

Other developments like addaptive-outscreening, - involved by Gerd GŁgel as well, - enable extreme stereoscopic outscreen effects with less ghosting.