In 2007/8 moods in pictures produced "Miraculum", the first 5D theatre in Vienna developed by Explore5D.

So what is 5D?
Most of the people know 3D (stereoscopic movie) and 4D adds additional immersive elements like wind, water, motion, a.s.o.
The easiest way to explain the 5th dimension is to have a look on classical film and theatre situations first.
On one side, there is the audience, on the other there is the action...on a stage or screen.
Even if the audience "dives" into the story, they are not really part of it.
So the 5D experience involves the audience to maximize the emotional factor,...- the visitor becomes part of the show...and therefore the show becomes a part of the visitor.
Group experience, competition or survival instinct are strong elements, but there is a lot more in sensorimotor-driven storytelling.

The 5D-technique, - or better the 5D-science, - will become the main success factor in future projects and markets.
5D is a "down-to-the-tiniest-detail" production style and we can offer great experience in conjuction with our partners.